Posted on Jun 7, 2021

Farahmand Plastic Surgery

If you're thinking of getting a breast lift in Fort Myers FL.

Factors such as pregnancy, breastfeeding, and gravity all take their toll on a woman's breasts over time.
Breasts lose their form and firmness as the skin loses elasticity and begins to sag.
A breastlift, also known as a mastopexy, is a surgical operation that temporarily lifts and reshapes sagging breasts.
(No surgery will prevent gravity's impact indefinitely.)
The areola, the darker skin covering the nipple, can also be reduced with mastopexy.
Breast implants implanted in combination with mastopexy will improve both the firmness and the size of your breasts if they are small or have decreased volume–for example, after pregnancy. Mastopexy can improve your appearance and self-confidence, but it won't inherently transform your appearance or cause others to perceive you differently.
Consider your hopes and discuss them with your surgeon before deciding to have surgery. For more information about having a breast lift in Ft Myers visit

Good, emotionally stable women who are realistic about the surgery's potential are the best candidates for mastopexy.
Women with thin, sagging breasts typically have the best outcomes.
Breasts of any size may be lifted, but the effects in heavy breasts can not last as long.
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